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Instructions for use

Preserved flowers and foliage are real plants. In order to protect their beauty and charm, some precautionary measures should be taken:

◆ Keep away from extremely dry, hot and humid places, do not add water.
◆ Keep away from the area near the vent of air-conditionor.
◆ Avoiding exposure to direct sunlight to prevent premature fading (please note colour may be fading gradually after a certain period.)
◆ Keep away from clothes or any fabrics that may be stained easily.
◆ Keep out of reach of baby and children to avoid swallow.
◆ Preserved flowers are a very delicate flower. Please handle preserved flower products carefully as the petals may be crushed or drop off by contacting with hands or other objects. 
◆ Noble metal and jewelry may discolor by contacting with the preserved flowers.
◆ Exposure to damp or humidity can cause the products to “leech” colour, when the dampness in the air mixes with the glycerine used in the preservation process. This can result in what appears to be coloured liquid appearing on the surface of the preserved material. The liquid can be removed carefully with a dry cloth.

HomeAbout preserved productsRosavieNatural AlwaysArrangementMiscellaneousContact Us