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About preserved products

"Preserved Flower", is also recognized with other names "immortalized flower" and "naturalized flower", becoming more and more popular in the modern society.

Thanks to the advanced technology, a liquid mixture made by glycerine replaces the water in the plant material, making the preserved flower fresh, natural and long-lasting nature. The flower is preserved at the most blossoming moment.

The preserved flower is absolutely the real flower. The only difference between "preserved" and "fresh" flower is that you don't need to plant or water it, preserved flower can maintain a beautiful appearance for over one to three years depending on storage conditions.

Winnerson designs and distributes beautiful decorative items using high quality branded preserved flowers*. They are environmental friendly products and unharmful to human. They are absolutely nice floral items for your decorative arrangements. Decorating with long-lasting preserved flowers, your environment can be improved significantly and frequently changing flowers is not required. Your time and resources can be saved for sure! With colourful and unique designs, preserved flower arrangements are distinctive gift items for any occasion!

Small order quantity is acceptable and tailor-made floral items are welcome! Contact us for more details!

* Brands of preserved flower materials:


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